Help Center / FAQ

1. Where is my order?
To view the details and status of your order
1. Click on "Log In" Enter email and password to log in.
2. Click on "My Orders" to view the status of your order.

2. What paper stock do you print on?
Our Business Cards and Postcards are printed on 16-point glossy card stock or 16- point Matte Coated paper stock. Our Brochures and Flyers are printed on 100lb Gloss Book with Aqueous Coating (Semi-Gloss).

3. What kind of press do you use?
We use Komori and Heidelberg sheet-fed press and Roland and EFI VuTech for our signage and banners.

4. What kind of inks do you use?
All of our products are printed with four-color inks: (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black).
Color density less than 15% may not print.

5. What line screen do you print with?
We print with a 500 line screen (Lines Per Inch) for offset printing.

6. Can I request spot color?
No. We print using a 4-color process, meaning that all of our products are printed with Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks. We do not use any inks other than CMYK.

7. Can I write or print on glossy coating?

8. What kinds of varnish (coating) do you use?
Depending on what product you are ordering, it will either have Matte coating or Glossy coating.

9. Can I place an order for a custom size card if I order online?
Currently we are unable to accept custom size orders through the online ordering system. You may request a custom size order by sending an email to or send us a message through our contact page.

10. When preparing press-ready digital files, what size should I build my file to?
Please build your press-ready digital files to bleed size by adding 0.125" for all products.

11. What is the required bleed?
Our bleeds vary depending on the product. Please refer to our templates tab or our Preparing Files page for more information on the specific bleed for your product. Keep in mind that any files that do not have the proper bleed may delay the order, and add costs. Please download our templates to create your files properly.

12. What if my cards don't bleed?
We require ALL files to be built to the full bleed dimension specified for each trim size. We automatically trim the bleed off of each side, which will result in the desired trim size.

13. How do I prepare files for trim?
Simply add the appropriate bleed to each dimension of your digital layout. Please add all the crop marks, and make sure all critical elements (text, images, logos, etc.) are at least 0.125" inside the side of the Safe Zone. Anything left close to the side may be cut off during trimming. Allow 1/16" cutting space around the Trimming Zone. Please refer to our templates tab or our Preparing Files page for more information on bleeds and crop marks.

14. Do you have any downloadable templates?
Yes, click on the link "Download Templaes" tab in the product page.

15. What is "Customize Online"?
The "Customize Online" designer  is an ordering process offering FREE professional-quality Business card designs, door signs, and vinyl cut sticker letters. You can enter your message, edit, review, and make design changes all in real time. PERSONALIZE YOUR DESIGNS FAST & EASY, NOW!

16. Do you have any clip-art that I can use for my card?
Not at this time. Our customize online tool will be updated soon.

17. Can I cancel or change my order? will be happy to help you cancel your order prior to approval. However, orders may be eligible for cancellation upon request via email. Our Customer Service Team will inform you of any cancellation charges depending on the stage of the order. If a job is cancelled, any labor hours (proof, graphics design, etc.) or administrative fees (credit cards fees, etc.) will be subtracted from your refund (15%-30% of total transaction). Once the order has been placed successfully, no refunds are issued for the Logo, or Graphic design services.

18. What if I am not satisfied with my order? is committed to customer satisfaction. However, we are not responsible for typing, color, image, or design errors introduced by customers in the document creation process.

19. What is your return policy?
Since each order is unique to each customer it has no re-sale value, All Sales Are Final. If we verify that we made an error on our end, we will re-print the order. No Refunds or Credit.
Customer must notify within 6 business days of order acceptance to notify any defects discovered in the ordered product. In order to receive a replacement the customer must return 100% of the received product within 15 days (at their own expense) from the time when the delivery was received. All new charges related to expediting printing (Rush Printing or Shipping) are NON REFUNDABLE, including those orders that are returned for any reason.

20. What is SIGNSNPRINT's standard round corner radius? 
We offer 1/8" radius round corner business cards to all of our customers. The image below shows the two different radiuses for comparison.
21. What is rich black and how can I get it? 
Rich black is an ink mixture of solid black, 100% K, with additional CMY ink values. (60% C, 40% M, 40% Y, 100% K to obtain rich black. 
On Screen
22. How do I export a PDF correctly? 
When exporting from any program such as Indesign or Illustrator, use these settings to make sure your .PDF files export correctly.
23. How should I set up a Plastic Card job?
 When designing plastic cards, it is important to keep in mind that the frosted and clear plastic cards are transparent. Also, all plastic cards come with round corners at no extra charge! 

As you can see, the difference in the transparency is shown in the image above. The clear cards (right) are completely transparent. The frosted cards (center) are semi-transparent and cannot be seen through easily. The opaque white plastic cards (left) are solid white and not transparent at all. Keep this in mind when designing your plastic cards, it will affect how your design will print.

Since there is no white ink in CMYK, it is important to keep in mind that the frosted and clear plastic cards are transparent. The three designs above are the same as in the first picture. You will notice that the white area in the clear cards (right) and the frosted cards (center) has no ink and will show the transparent material it's printed on. In this case, the clear cards and frosted cards white area show up with no ink on the printed piece. Also, keep in mind that all colors that are printed on clear cards or frosted cards will be transparent as well.

With the clear plastic cards, there might be a small percentage that may have light scratches. This issue originates from the manufacturer and is due to the material and handling. To help compensate for this, we run overs of the clear plastic cards to help meet the required quantity.

Clear plastic cards will come with a thin protective layer on one side that can be peeled off. This is to prevent the cards from scratching during packaging and shipping.

24. What is overprint, and how can it ruin my file? 
Primarily used to intentionally overlap inks for a number of reasons, overprint can cause unexpected results. We suggest that you turn all overprint objects off before submitting your files.
25. How do i set up a Foil Business Card?
We offer 2 types of foil, Silver and Gold. Each order can only have one type of foil, Gold or Silver. You can't order a Foil Worx job with Gold foil on the front and Silver foil on the back. Foil mask files are set up just like our Spot UV mask files. The file can only be black and white. Black in the areas you want the foil and white in the areas you do not want the foil. Also please avoid using small / fine text or fonts for foil objects. For best results, please make sure that foil coverage is less than 50% of the artwork area. Also, be aware that there may be up to 1/16" shift on the placement of the foil. Keep this in mind if you are trying to align foil with other printed artwork on the card. Please see images below to see what mask files should look like.